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Rhode Island School of Design

Advanced Studio
Adaptive Reuse
Providence, RI
Fall 2021
Off The Line

In the “My Statehouse” map survey, over 70% of the participants are children and teenagers. 60% of them have never been to the statehouse spontaneously, and some of them think it is illegal to go to the statehouse.

The young generation is restless for progressive changes and sees “rule-breaking” as a way to achieve these changes. The statehouse, on the contrary, is serious and hidebound. The building gives the impression of rigidity and seriousness, which makes it an uncomfortable place for the public to participate and communicate, especially the young generation. They need spaces in the statehouse to connect with each other to share their ideas and show their passion for a better future, hence the pre-set image of the statehouse as a serious place should be broken.

I would like to intervene in the statehouse through a series of soft invasions, to weaken and get off the line in the the seriousness of the existing building, attract the young generation of citizens, and create a space for the young generation in the statehouse to show their attitude as the progressive, open-minded new voters.

Di Ma

Contact: dma02@risd.edu