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Rhode Island School of Design

Advanced Studio
Adaptive Reuse
Boston, MA
Spring 2021
Therapeutic Ocean

Curley Community Center locates at the edge of South Boston along the Old Harbor. It has provided community wellness resources against a changing background of social iniquities, complex politics, and gentrification.  In order to adapt the rising sea level, Curley Community Center has to be transformed into a flexible structure to face the coming tides and water.  Curley Community is providing community wellness resources for South Boston neighborhoods, and mental health wellness is certainly a part that cannot be ignored. According to the data, critical mental health issues in South Boston is less of a concern than the rest of the Boston area. Such result must have inseparable relationship to its close location to the beach and ocean since they are the provider of natural white noise. The slow crashing and swelling of sea sounds are a naturally calming veil of noise that is soothing and relaxing to the brain. We, therefore, process these ocean sounds in a very different way to more abrupt noises, allowing us to relax and even sleep through these non-threatening types of audios. Natural sounds like ocean waves have an increase in the parasympathetic (“rest-digest”) response. In the parasympathetic response, our heart rate is lowered and our breathing slowed.

Di Ma

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